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The writing does bog down in cliches or MMO quest-absurdity, often, which is why I find it hard to play Republic. The Jedis are unrelentingly boring. Even the Jedi Knight story almost put me to sleep. Jedis are really boring in the prequel trilogy, too, so it's not even Bioware's fault.

I could never go dark-side in most Bioware games because I took the characters too seriously. But there's a tight, focused story in SP games. In my opinion the best writing in TOR basically shows how the Sith Empire is a fractious mess doomed to failure, and your Sith is a part of that dysfunction.

Also, imagining a universe with trillions of people, the idea that 100 people compete to be Sith and only 1 survives is totally plausible, even if you imagine there are 100,000 Sith running around.

Sith might be cartoonishly villainous, but it keeps me sort of interested, since the story is not gripping or tight, otherwise, because of the hugeness. And I'm not dogpiling on the game like trolls and "critics." Yeah: the stories could have been better, even as they stand (i.e., removing the ridiculous "gift" requirement for seeing companion conversations,) but in an MMO like this they are pretty great.