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Orange pieces armor value is computed (based) on the Armoring you put on them. So lets say you find a chest piece with Armoring 10 Endurance/15 Strength. A few levels later you can change that armoring to 18 Endurance/22 Strength and the armor value of your piece will go up. You can keep doing this all the way to L50.

The biggest difference between two orange chest pieces is how they look. If you get a new orange piece that has better stats, you can choose which one you want to keep and move the (better) mods from one to another. One thing I do a lot is move mods and pass the orange piece I don't want to one of my companions (if they can use it).

Same applies to weapons. You modify the barrel, mod and enhancement and the weapon produces more damage. There is no "damage" mod. By upgrading the barrel/hilt and the crystal, the damage goes up.

So, here is what you need to make sure :

- Pick the orange piece you like the looks and it is the highest category you can wear (Heavy, Medium or Light).
- Upgrade the mods at the end of each planet with he commendations you get for the missions on the planet.
- Upgrade by purchasing mods at GTN (expensive way to go, but if you have cash, well...)
- If you have cybertech, you can make your own armoring and mods (very sell-able)
- If you have armstech you can make your own barrels and weapons
- If you have artifice you can make your own crystals and hilts (also very sell0able)

With everything upgraded, you might find the occasional blue or green drop that has better stats, for a while. But soon enough you will upgrade your orange and a well modified orange will ALWAYS end up with better stats, Until L50 and you go to endgame stuff.

Hope that helps.
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