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I play both sides. Of course baddies are everywhere, but on a daily basis there is no comparison. The difference in my win/loss ratio between the two sides is unbelievable.

BTW you (Xanas?) were in the very game I was referring to. I was on my sorc Odynom, and with Bombud the assassin.

I'll tell you one thing... the only thing I ever see changing (and this would be of course in a non-ranked environment) is so many of the Darth Maul super-kids get sick of getting their sabers pushed in, that they swap sides.

*IF* this timeline of the star wars universe continues in this direction, then in the far distant future Alderaan has NOTHING to worry about because the Deathstar will have about 21 Expertise, be armed with a cool level 10 green 'Superlaser', and have about 14,000 health. This Deathstar will be one uber Smash and a Dispatch away from rage-unsubscribing.
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