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My stance on Consular is they made the class perfectly to what the character is designed to be; a diplomatic voice of reason with the mindset of helping others in a selfless manner.
Unfortunately, as a Jedi Shadow, this just doesn't hold weight at all.

Voice of reason? No. Covert operative. Not exactly a public speaker.

This is probably the main problem with the JC storyline. It bases itself upon the assumption that you will be a diplomat. Which a Shadow really isn't. Nor should they be. And so the story really only aligns correctly with one AC.

And as for helping others, sure. But really only because the alternative dialogue choices make you sound like either a petulant teenager, or an idiot. Commonly, in fact, both.

This is really the crux of what annoys me about the JC gameplay; the dialogue. Either you're taking the 'the jedi way is to serve' position, or you sound like a nerf herder who came down on the last shuttle. I've found very few alternatives to the 'holier than thou' approach that aren't completely terrible. And almost every time you try an option that isn't so sickeningly self sacrificing, some NPC or another will chastise you for it.

I'm trying to play a neutral jedi, who isn't just a complete tool for the Order and is attempting to look outside the box a little without going batsith crazy. But it's actually quite difficult to achieve. I find myself thinking, 'did I really just say that?' after a large proportion of dialogue choices. Mostly, because I want to be a reasonable, neutral jedi, I've had to plump for the standard, not-a-complete-imbecile option just so I can live with myself after each conversation.

I've not had this feeling with the other storylines. I feel I can pay DS or LS warrior with no sense of being compromised. Inquisitor too works well with DS and LS choices. The same for BH, smuggler and IA. JK, I'm not so sure of, having not progressed far and actually playing mine as a compete tool for the Order, and trooper I haven't tried.

So, overall, and certainly for my playstyle, the JC story has been rather irritating. The premise is fine, but the execution is poorly thought out and then just badly written. I get what jedi are and how they're generally portrayed, but there are options and alternatives in a game like this that are just begging to be discovered. It's just a shame they were not given due respect in their development.