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Cool story, bro, really cool! The only problem here is that you are the selfish brat here. We understand you have gotten all the drops you need from that said Flashpoint but some of the people in the random created group may have not and that's why clearing all the bosses, which in these instances are the ones to kill to get the drops, would be very nice for the group. Simply thinking and shouting "I don't need any drops from here so skip,run,spacebar, skip, run, spacebar so I can save 5-10 minutes of my time" makes you only look like a childish and selfish jerk. Those instances are for 4 people groups, they AREN'T just for YOU. So if you have that big problems clearing all the bosses in Flashpoints do us people a favor and quit your sub, or atleast do those "run, skip.spacebar"-runs with your guildies so you won't ruin the game for other people who actually want to play the game as it is designed to be played.
You are in no way to judge how people should play, you are in no position to force your gaming choices on other people. If Bioware agreed with your pitiful logic they would have made the bosses unskippable a long time ago. Alas, that is not so. So long as they are skippable a group of people will skip them. Not everyone is playing this game for your imaginary group of people who want full runs (No one, ever asked me to do full runs, and I did perhaps hundreds of HM FP ones so far, if they probably kindly asked I wouldn't mind unless I have urgent business)
This isn't just about you, get off your high horse.
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