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Because the developers put relics in the game without explaining their mechanics.

Some very goddam important details you need to know are:

1) The procs use your Crit Multiplier

2) The procs use your Crit Rating... but...

The hilariously not released information is that:

Kinetic & Internal use Tech Crit % (troopers and scoundrels)

Energy & Elemental use Force Crit % (consulars and knights)

Came to the conclusion in a thread on the commandos forum where kinetic would use our tech crit rate but elemental would crit for way waaaay less, 15% less on massive parses.

The reason? It's using the force crit rate which is much lower on a commando since ofc aim doesn't give anything to it.

Wish i was told that BEFORE i bought the damn internal Relic, What wasted 300 daily comms...

Having seen this thread ive now respec to balance having been doing telekinetic with lousy dps. Although i have Cleared first two bosses in TFB HM with the TK spec.

Currently on 3/7/31 Full balance Spec

1034.1 Bonus Damage
35.49% Crit Chance with rating of 205
77.42 Surge Rating of 345
7.35 alacrity rating of 228

Thats With all buffs and rakata stim
How goes this comparison with your stats. Should i drop anything or increase anything too?
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