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Op the one thing I enjoyed about the empire story is it was about the war, and it was about bringing the end to the republic. I was not there to kill a few creatures here and a few creatures there. I was not there to play diplomat. I was also not there to play science boy. Thats what I enjoyed about it most, and the sith story just was pure epic.

This being said I have studied military strategies and tactics as a hobby. Biowares story line is a failure in this regard. No general, no leader abandons a clear advantage, unless they are completely incompetent. Let me put it in other terms. The sith were hitting the republic everywhere they could in the last war, and they were beating the republic up pretty good. Maybe not making allot of headway, but they defiantly were getting to the republic, both by morale and by military means. Then the sith empire comes out of no where and sacks the capital world of the republic. Destroying a large portion of the Jedi order. It does not take a genius to see the rippling effects. If you were a trooper in the trenches barely hanging on, and then you receive word that the sith just sacked the capital world of the republic, I think the last thing you would want to do is stick around. It was the perfect time to destroy the republic, and the Empire did not need to have overwhelming force to do so. Bioware decided however to go a incorrect route and make it seem as both sides fought to a stalemate, its pretty clear by their own lore this was no where near the case.

So when I played the empire, yea I took it seriously. I would have to admit that having to watch the sith squander advantages did not make much sense to me for a military society. Military societies are not known for throwing away military advantages. For some odd reason you got lightside points for removing corruption from the imperial military, didn't make much sense. Or for that matter you got lightside points for helping out the Imperial military. So I wont deny that it could use some tweaking.

Lastly the games got bigger problems.