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While we're on the subject though, i have another issue thats been bothering me. I, as a tank, never get trenchcutters. When they spawn they always run to the other tank. Done it with 4-5 other tanks, both hm and nim, and they always run to them, not me. It doesnt make much of a difference anyways since i aoe and get them all, but ive never understood why. Its annoying.
We have a couple of theories on this. Before I started guarding our Vanguard tank, I almost always got threat, but he occasionally got it instead. We think I was usually getting it because of Shadow self heals, but we also think there is some sort of weird proximity thing. If we were both far away, they always seemed to go to me. If he was right next to them when they spawned and I was far away, they would either all go to him, or split up. Sometimes two would go to him, sometimes half would go to him. It was very strange. Me guarding him fixed that though.