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I disagree with your point.

Of course if you go Dark Side all the way just for the DS points, then obviously you'll end up with some cheesy dialogues. But how about rolling a new character just for the storyline and playing it with actual choices? Turn off showing alignment gain, pick options with 1-2-3 buttons, immerse yourself in the story.

What I encourage players to do is doing side quests, PvP and flashpoints and then going through all class quests on the planet in one streak uninterrupted by side grind quests. If you do that, and if you pay attention to the cutscenes and dialogues, you'll see how awesome they can be.

For example - Sith Warrior(Mara/Jugg) dark side storyline on Alderaan. It was brilliant! Overall Alderaan shows the magnitude of the Empire and it's ways of dealing with planets they want to conquer by other means than just battling the republic.

What you seem to fail to see is the imperial structure. It's far more complex than just "strong push weak around". It's the whole philosophy. It's ruled by a Sith. Hell, one of the greatest Sith in Star Wars universe. He's almost almighty! And he gave special rights to the other Sith. Now imagine a caste of priests or nobles having absolute control over the military. Do not forget about the Dark Side corruption that runs through their brains and, well, their immense powers.

You say that you find Empire hilarious because of the sometimes tedious, overdone evil attitudes. I say that Republic sucks and in my opinion it should fall. And that's because my main is a Trooper whose storyline puts more focus on the Republic itself rather than personal plots. Let's see how it looks on every planet:

Corrupt / incompetent / weak governor / leader;
Understaffed crew / starving garrison / ragtag bunch of rebels;
Occasionally a corrupt senator/politician that undermines whole operation for his own gain;
Empire / mercenaries / pirates / gangs giving them hard time and rendering them helpless.

While the Sith Empire, from Republic Trooper perspective, looks like this: strong, well trained military with high funds on high-tech toys and advanced weaponry, led by VERY competent commanders that crush all that stands in their way. AND those ****** commanders, unlike most governors/senators/other local leaders on republic settlements/planets actually answer to unified leadership of the Council and the Emperor which gives them strength of quick decisions and careful planning on their end.

Troopers defect from the Republic because they don't like the indecisive leadership, arguing senate that can't agree on even most basic things and lack of support from their commanders(Ord Mantell trooper storyline). And almost all the people who defect from the Empire are spineless weaklings who can't stand the pression and violence that will lead to the war(Black Talon pretty much).

Now let's sum up average Sith activity on most planets:
Strong leader acting as the harbinger of Emperor's will / ambitious Sith;
All the means necessary to win the war;
Constant communication with the Council / Darth that oversees the whole campaign;
Republic pretending it's not supporting the rebels or the force it deployed, ready to be crushed.

Long story short:
Republic - "oh my God, the Empire/bad guys are tearing us apart, sir, please, help us! We can't do it on our own!"
Empire - "My lord, we have located the Republic / Rebel / Resistance / Pirate / Mercenary base and we're ready to slaughter them. Will you do the honors and spearhead the whole operation?"

And, last thing, beware, mild spoiler from Trooper storyline:

Once you break The Gauntlet, you get a holocall(or was it a conversation in person?) from the command that the Empire launched an all-out offensive and is tearing the Republic forces on all fronts. It even managed to besiege Corellia which is pretty much next to the Republic capital planet and it is helpless!

Empire would do just fine without the Agent or Sith Warrior. Republic would fall apart if it wasn't for the Havoc Squad saving everyone's asses and winning their battles for them.

So yeah, it's the Republic that is silly and can't be taken seriously. It's like a dying empire that crumbles from it's own incompetence, too weak to support itself, let alone stand against the Empire.
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