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All they have is a crappy small city on a jungle planet, which would blow up if they don't keep a 24/7 watch on their lightning spires. Plus they can't go anywhere since major portions of their own planet are now controlled by rebelling slaves, a rogue Sith lord, an invading mercenary army and a bunch of angry Mandalorians.

I wonder how they can ever get something done, when they can't even control their homeworld ?!
republic.. lol

Sith operating on Coruscant itself (not to mention the whole jedi temple destruction), you cannot turn around without hitting a corrupt senator and/or their lackey. as someone summed up - republic planetary stories (and some of the personal ones as well) in a nutshell are basically players cleaning up the messes that republic itself created. its a wonder, they can resist empire at all, considering how disorganized, corrupt, sanctimonious, self righteous and ineffectual they are. while I enjoy playing through stories on both sides, what little illusion I had left about republic being the side that should or will prevail - died on Belsavis. at the core, republic is just another side of the same coin.