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eeeeeee. Tormen deserved it
That he did! How dare he hurt Torian so much. More I think about it, more I wish she killed him sooner.
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The End...well, not the end for her, because, as you say, much to resolve one way or another, but that was quite a ride. Congrats on creating a truly interesting character who is sympathetic and yet rarely what we would consider good. I love anti-heroes
My heart hurts a bit, even still, looking back over their relationship, the way it built and became something real and good. I hurt for her because she never gets nice things. Not to keep.
And I can't end without saying a mushy thank you - your and Milani's constant support have made a very large difference to me in confidence, perseverance and so on as well as continually making me feel happy and the such.
And thank you to all you other lovely people that sit there quietly reading and (hopefully) enjoying that might one day comment and make me very, very happy
Yeah, I don't think anyone could call her classically 'good' but I like her. Though she scares me sometimes...
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Bravo! Have loved this story from beginning to end!
(also as for Bleach, I'm just at the very beginning of the series, the dude still has a human body he jumps in and out alive as of where I am in that story.)
I look forward to following your BH on her future rampages. Well done!
I'm glad your looking forward to more and enjoyed it all.
(On the subject of Bleach in which I'm widely ignorant: I suppose it's complicated. I don't really watch or read it much so I don't know (apologies if I'm horribly wrong ))
There will be many more rampages. Please continue to look forward to them and read them.
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I'm already following your bounty hunter for a while now, but I never had the courage to post. But finally I decided to reply. Your story is great. The emotions of your bounty hunter go straight to the heart. And I love the way how the same event feels so different from another point of view.
And yahoo! Skadge went through the airlock as a dead corpse. This moment made me happy And for Mako... well, she really called for it. (You never mentioned 2V, if I remember correctly. Did your bounty hunter blast him into pieces before he arrived on Taris?)
I'm already very curious what your bounty hunter will do next.
Don't worry, I'm not my BH. I don't stab people who comment (not often, at least )
I know. Posting is terrifying . I was still scared of posting by the end of When I Wake and still am. Commenting on anything is always scarey. But your opinion and comment means a lot to me
I'm glad you like it! That makes me really happy!
Well, I couldn't kill Mako and not kill Skadge (though I was/am scared it made me lose any Mako fans I might have had reading this)
2V was there at the start. He used to cook but got replaced by Torian (implied). Also, when she's alone after Tython she removes the droids vocabulator (is that even the word for it???) and then I just imagined him being under an old sheet in the corner of a room somewhere...
I'm curious about what she'll do next too!
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I want to reply now too.
Your story has been great to read. I personally think your BH is horrible, though I can sympathize with how she got that way. I'm just hoping she's on the losing end of her confrontation with havoc squad. Although I guess that's not fair- I don't know the havoc quad of your universe, they could be awful people too. Can't wait to find out!
I'm glad you liked it
I don't deny that she is a twisted, twisted person who has serious issues and has done bad things (and will most certainly continue them (though it is all a point of view)).
I'm glad that despite finding her bad you kept reading and you are looking forward to the end.
I have no comment on the persuasion of my Havoc Squad. That would be a spoiler

If anyone is interested, here is an AU of Torian's death (light reading, of course ). I figure I might as well post it instead of it rotting (metaphorically of course) on my computer.


Personally, not big on the long conversations before dying. But movie makers seem to like them.

And a link to The Life that's Left (sequel):