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12.17.2012 , 02:32 AM | #460
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okay powercell destroyed, and gone critical.
No. I usualy don't do this, but I need to call bullshi* here. You seriously think you would just be able to jump into the room and leap to the core without any one of the people in the room, who are prepared for an attack, stoping you? Sorry, but no. Zero had her guns trained on the door, and would have opened upwith a crapton of missles as soon as it opened, which tends to hinder someone jumping into a room unless they want to end up crispy sith. Mean probably would have force pushed you into a wall before you got there,or just back out the door. And that is just my guys. If you had the jump on us, I could see it, but you don't. They know full well an attack is comeing. You are bordering on powergaming and god-moding. Please edit..