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Its about the concept of a person having power to control others. Its a realism perspective.

The powerful do as they please and the weak follow. However, its not total anarchy, its more organized and with a goal that becomes mutual. This also ties in with the realism perspective, and how there are no friends but only people with mutual interests.

If you do not accept the force as something that is powerful enough to control others then either the story was not convincing enough to prove that point or you lack the ability to believe in such things. Probably due to browsing the internet too long and reading too many witty atheistic and skeptical comments that they leave a person without imagination or sense of belief to play along with anything.

The republic is more about being responsible with that power. And also how that responsibility borders on certain hypocrisy but because the force is so powerful certain things have to be done to control it and fight the opposing side, the empire as well.