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Yeah they do build it differently, to what extent i do not know. Ive been looking over several logs for all of our attempts but havent found a pattern to it yet.

The only thing that i can come up with is warriors follow the standard threat model, and trenchcutters are focused on the tank until damage is done, then they too follow the normal threat table. It's almost like they are not in combat until someone tags them. Noticed this at times when a dps does a ranged auto attack or dot before they get to us, then zone in on him but after a few steps healers will get aggro if they arent properly picked up.

While we're on the subject though, i have another issue thats been bothering me. I, as a tank, never get trenchcutters. When they spawn they always run to the other tank. Done it with 4-5 other tanks, both hm and nim, and they always run to them, not me. It doesnt make much of a difference anyways since i aoe and get them all, but ive never understood why. Its annoying.
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