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12.16.2012 , 11:17 PM | #23
I was trying to think of one and couldn't think of one in particular but then I realized when one of my standard plays in hutt ball went awry I got a pretty funny kill. I preface this by saying I play a guardian tank.

So start of hutt ball matches if I get the ball off the bat I like to look up and catch people on the other team coming across the fire pit up there, jump to them then push them back across the fire and jump to them again and then have a fairly easy path to the goal line since only they and anybody with them are in a position to harass me.

Well one time it was just one poor commando coming across by himself so then I force push but my aim was a bit off and he hit the back pole just as the ground was turning red to signal the incoming fire, I then jumped to him and walked on my way to a score as my leap rooted him and he got burned to death.