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It's kind of hard to nail down a full 8-man team, since I know so many people that are great fun to be around and raid with. I just tried to make a list, but unfortunately 8 can't do it justice. I'd be able to make 2 lists and still miss people out without any overlap >.<

I do think this is a fantastic thread though, cheers for bringing it up It's a good reminder that great company makes tedious things hilarious
lol you and me both only i made 3 lists and still had more people i wanted to add.
also if you wana see something hilarious you should see A Little Bit Gimp doing a denova run, that **** is just downright funny.

just came up with the team of people i have the most fun with at 3am

Tanks: Kalaan, Jean/Johnny ( have alot of fun just talking to him on ts )
Dps: Sheayrts(or his slinger), Myself, Krackers,Shiroyasha( probs spelt that wrong )
Healers: Zanshiri, Stealclaw

i recon a ops run with these people would be one of epic proportions expectialy if krackers had been on the piss
Keiga - Guardian
Licani - Sentinel
Millianna - Vanguard