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Kaulton activated the jetpack and threw a chemical grenade at the guards as he made his way to the roof of the building. After Kaliyo and Wraith finished off the guards, he turned on his comm link and sent a message to them.

Darth Kodose has arrived at the battlefield and needs every troop available to eliminate the republic threat. You two regroup with him. I will move to the objective myself.

Kaulton turned his attention back to the building. He noticed a ventilation opening at the top of the building, luckily it was just large enough to fit him. He crawled into the shaft, inching his way through the building. Every five or so minutes he would look out the vents, a large hall overflowing with republic troops appeared on the other side. He eventually reached the end of the shaft, looking out he could see a jedi master discussing something with the Lord of the city. Kaulton quietly moved into the room and took a position behind one of the pillars. He activated his comm link and quietly spoke into it.

Command, inform Darth Kodose that the Lord of this city is working with the republic and jedi forces. I believe both leaders are located inside the capitol building. Cipher 9 out.

Kaulton then quietly made his way around the leaders and made his way down the hallway deeper into the compound.
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