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I had to rage quit a storymode Foundry last night...

Conversation went like this:

tank: hi never been put as a tank before might need extra heals
me: do you have tank gear?
tank: i don't know
me: do you have taunts?
tank: no im not tank spec
me: you can uncheck yourself as a tank before queueing if you aren't a tank. i don't think we can do this without a tank
tank: i'm the tank
me: but you said you're not a tank
tank: let's go

*tank proceeds to not hold agro on the first trash fight and I immediately die*


After I was rezzed I stuck with it all the way up til HK. On the way there the tank was lecturing me about the foundry's mechanics and telling me "not to draw agro" and "don't get one shot by HK or we're all screwed." I told him healers draw agro by default so he needs to get them off of me, which was met by "I'm not tank spec." I also told him the only way I could get oneshot on HK is if he bugs, so to make sure to kill all the adds when they spawn and stop attacking HK, since lots of people seem to agree that not killing the adds tends to sometimes cause HK to bug outside of the core (not to mention having 4 adds to deal with when he's released instead of 2).

I'm sure everyone can guess what happened. DPS and tank are all on HK all the time. They would kill one DPS while still hitting HK and ignore the other one completely. I stunned it, and it was still up when the next one spawned. I stunned it too, and the first one came off stun. So, I was being shot nonstop and having to repeatedly chainheal myself while repeatedly going "adds?? Kill the adds???" in group.

Even so, I was keeping the group up despite being DPSed the whole way through... and then, guess what! They suddenly get 4 adds spawned and HK gets stuck outside the core and oneshots a DPS. I die shortly after from the FOUR ADDS shooting me. Tank proceeds to freak out in group about how he told me not to draw agro and die since I'm the healer. Oh, and he's one of those people that repeatedly begs for heals during a fight. "HEAL ME" "DYING HELP" "HEAL PLEASE"

I just left... I was too tired and didn't want a ban over what I was thinking at the time.
haha, wow. I have to say, I 'accidentally' tanked the foundry recently, too. Totally forgot to uncheck the tank role in the group finder and didn't check my role when I clicked ready and was surprised to find another two DPS than me. Though no one in my group seemed to mind and we cleared the fp without any problem whatsoever. And I only put my defence stance after HK.

today I tanked the foundry again, because some friends of mine, 2 DPS, wanted to do it with me and even though I explained them to attack the adds first, jump out of the spit, to destroy the corners and everything (..since they both only did black talon.. with me.. previously), they uh, did neither and we wiped at HK. Luckily we beat him at the second try and again I am very grateful that we had such a great heal. It's unbelievable how important they are and that they can even support a dps specced tank.
Oh and yesterday I was doing hammer station with my sorc.. the tank had 1500 HP LESS than me and we wiped like 6 times at the boss. Though I'm impressed that nobody rage quitted and we tried again and again and again (and we switched the tank to the marauder dps) and we finally did it.