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Back in July before 1.4 hit I utilized a very very similar spec, 23-15-3, I named the spec Dark Maul because your basically a Darkness Assassins exploiting your Maul attacks. Here are a couple of vids I made back then showing how fun it is to crit with Maul 3-4 times in a row lol.

Keep in mind these videos are before the changes to Induction, Darkswell, and Lightning Reflexes/Recovery talents. Now when I tried Dark Maul before I noticed that just Saber Stikes and Mauls (with out Exploit Weakness) was actually more damage than just spamming Thrash and Energized Shocks. The only catch was to maintain position over your target for your Maul spam. Well now Mauls will be hitting even harder as well as even more defense and better force regen via Lightning Reflexes. It got me thinking. I am going to try this spec for a few days see how it plays out. I do not think it will be better than Wakajinn or 23-1-17 but I am going to give it a go anyways. My goal really is to see how many times I can Maul spam even with out EW proc. I will be using Saber Strike as my filler so I can always have as much force as possible for Mauls. I will be exploiting Blackout as well to maximize my force regen for Maul spam. I am even going to try out Nerve Wracking to see if that 9% extra damage can send my Mauls into the 6k-7k range. And just because someone always asks, I will be running Dark Charge for the best defense possible. IMO running Surging Charge with out Crackling Blasts is just fail, your Discharge will be weaker than Shock on 3x's the CD.

Anyways if I like the way it plays I will put up some vids and hopefully rez Dark Maul from the dead.

Good pvper will never let you just "Maul spam" behind them. I suspect this spec would work well against pugs, but not in a rated match against a good squad.
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