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12.16.2012 , 06:50 PM | #66
I did KP sm today through LFG tool to get the bh comms on my tank this morning and almost rage quitted, we had a guardian dps in soresu(tanking stance) with tanking gear and a fresh shadow tank never done the op before. The fight against the first boss went ok thanks to the other guys( nice healing and dps)

But things went downhill when we came accros Jarg and Sorno. My team was on Jarg and the shadow's on Sorno. I had the guardian who kept taking aggro (I hadn't checked his stance at that time) and the other tank kept pulling Jarg as well thanks to aoe taunt. Basically I had an uphill fight to keep aggro kept losing it but managed to avoid a disaster. Thanks to our excellent healers we pulled through

Then we came across foreman crusher, all agreed that I would main tank it. During that fight the shadow tank kept aoe taunting close to foreman crusher ,normally this wouldn't be a problem however the dps guardian put shield on me basically it was hell to keep aggro. Somehow we managed to pull through thanks again to our healers

At that point I decided to check the guardian his gear and stance(mind you I came off a night shift, so was a bit tired) and told him to change stance. I had to ask him twice before he finally did.

Ofcourse he and the shadowtank were the first guys to either run into the rooms and pull or break cc's when we eventually did that. Wiped a few times thanks to that Don't think we didn't warned them, me and a few other guys explicit told them to be carefull.

Then came the fight against the fabricator, the guardian had reverted back to his tanking stance without me knowing it, someone started the fight while I was trying to explain the fight against the other tank. So another uphill struggle for me to keep aggro and keep fabricator in place. Once more we managed to get through the fight without wiping but it was so messy another kuddos to the healers here

Of course after this fight the dps stormed into the next room without waiting....wipe ofcourse

After this the shadowtank left, we managed to find a replacement but he kept us waiting, so after 10 min we told him to join or leave. He left so we finally downed Karagga with 7( not really a problem) instead of 8. But I came close to quitting thanks to a few players not knowing their class and role. What bothers me the most is that I even told them what to do but being ignored by them. Then again it wouldn't have been fair to the others to leave who were doing amazing to get us through the op.

So yes I can sympathise with the OP, but untill now never rage quited.