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I doubt this will happen but I'll ask anyway, could a mod possibly sticky this thread?

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Table of Contents


Overall Damage
Damage Per Second
Biggest Hit
Damage Done/Death Ratio
300k+ Damage/Protection

Overall Protection
Highest Protection Per Single Life
Most Damage Taken
Damage Taken/Death Ratio
300k+ Protection/Damage

Highest Overall Healing
Healing Per Second
Biggest Heal
Healing Done/Death Ratio
300k+ Healing/Damage

Highest Objective Points
Most Medals

Solo Kills
Killing Blows

Bonus: Overall Warzone Stats

Highest Earned Rating
Highest Win/Loss Percentage

Total Wins(Non-rated)
Player Kills
Medals Earned
MvP votes received

Server Comparison Section

Most Damage Spots(Server)
Most Damage Taken/Protection Spots(Server)
Most Healing Spots(Server)
Most Overall Spots(Server)

Most Damage Spots(Player)
Most Damage Taken/Protection Spots(Player)
Most Healing Spots(Player)
Most Overall Spots(Player)

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Post #1 Ultimate PvP Records(by NamikazeNaruto)
Post #2 Jedi Covenant PvP Records(by Namikaze Naruto)
Post #10 Tomb of Freedon Nadd PvP Records(by Aerilas)
Post #32 Begeren Colony PvP Records(by xContex)
Post #47 Prophecy of the Five PvP Records(by Cilas)
Post #100 The Ebon Hawk PvP Records(by Grexys)
Post #230 The Progenitor PvP Records(by Vaskur)
Post #257 The Harbinger PvP Records(by xlphonex)
Red Eclipse PvP Records(by Ny'sha)
Jung Ma PvP Records(by MyrickG)

Class Record Lists
Jedi Covenant Class PvP Records

Servers that have participated in this thread: Jedi Covenant, The Progenitor, The Harbinger, Ebon Hawk, Begeren Colony, Prophecy of the Five, Tomb of Freedon Nadd, Red Eclipse, The Bastion, Dalborra, The Shadowlands, T3-M4, Jar'kai Sword, Master Dar'nala, Jung Ma.

A couple weeks ago I made a post in every server's forum that I would be posting a PvP Records List that combines all the servers into one... well this is it, the day has come.... but first, I have some rules as to what screenshots I will be adding to this list.

1. Screenshots that are pre 1.2 will not be put onto this list. This is because activatable relics and adrenals were still around, and could skew the numbers on biggest hit and biggest heal, among other things. Maybe this will change in the future if there is an overwhelming demand to include those screenshots, but for now, they are excluded.

2. Games that are obvious setups will not be allowed. I ask for the help of others as well in determining which screenshots are setups or not. For example, if someone from X server tries to post a screenshot setup and others from X server know this game was a setup, I'd appreciate notification of that.

3. A person is allowed to be in a category more than once. I know maybe you all want to see a name only one time in a single category, but if they did well enough that they could be on there more than once in the same category, then they have earned their spots there.

4. Even if your server does not post a list to this thread, you can post an individual screenshot from your server and I will add that screenshot on behalf of your server if it makes the list.

5. Sub-50 screenshots will be accepted. If you actually did well enough to get onto the list sub-50, you will be put onto the list.

6. Glitches will not be accepted. Example: A 15 minute voidstar in which someone has 500k damage overall but their damage per second says 1400 damage per second. Or a double hit being counted as a single biggest hit by the game.

7. When you add an individual screenshot, please put your name on the game, the server you are from, your class, and then your screenshot link. I will designate the classes by symbols so it would look like this...

Zābuza(Shadow)(Jedi Covenant)[screenshot url]

8. All records from 2.0 will take precedence over 1.0 records. For examples, even if someone had a 2 million damage record from 1.0, and someone else submitted a 1.5 million damage record from 2.0, the 1.5 million damage would be higher ranked than the 2 million damage. The reason for this is so that the 1.0 records gradually get phased out without the need to empty the entire list. Records from 2.0 will say (Patch 2.0), along with the other information.

9. From now on you MUST SUBMIT A SCREENSHOT OF THE ACTUAL HIT OR HEAL ITSELF OR THE PART OF THE COMBAT LOG THAT SHOWS THE HIT, NOT THE NUMBER ON THE SCOREBOARD. The reason for this is because the scoreboard sometimes counts double hits as one.

Those servers that already have lists, I would appreciate your contributions to this thread, please post your lists. So with all that finally out of the way, here is the thread that I promised, the Ultimate PvP Records Thread!

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Overall Damage
1. (3.0)Zabuza/Nobunaga(2772649)
2. Triand(1650319)(Juggernaut)(Prophecy of the Five)
3. Rokuthy(1592886)(Sentinel)(The Harbinger)
4. Hoolk(1588288)(Vanguard)(Red Eclipse)
5. Mreek(1551592)(Juggernaut)(Red Eclipse)

Damage Per Second
1. Zabuza/Nobunaga(3040.19)(Assassin)(Pot5)
2. Vullesh(1725.74)(Juggernaut)(The Harbinger)
3. Manji(1665.14)(Guardian)(The Harbinger)
4. Gosia(1662.52)(Sentinel)(Red Eclipse)
5. Exo-dus(1635.61)(Juggernaut)(The Progenitor)

Biggest Hit
1. Smashton(12966)(Juggernaut)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)
2. Fallen-stalker(12825)(Marauder)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)
3. Fluffybloodball(11993)(Shadow)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)
4. Zenzčy(11681)(Sentinel)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)
5. Dilaw'kawal(11228)(Juggernaut)(Prophecy of the Five)

Damage Done/Death ratio
1. Damager(1515344/0)(Assassin)(Jedi Covenant)
2. Da'fos(1482195/0)(Marauder)(The Harbinger)
3. Inmortal(1389172/0)(Sage)(Jedi Covenant)
4. Léigion(1281058/0)(Marauder)(Prophecy of the Five)
5. Pocalypse(1264136/0)(Marauder)(The Ebon Hawk)

300k+ Damage/Protection
1. Aamos(805680 / 694508)(Guardian)(The Progenitor)
2. Aamos(722729 / 438817)(Guardian)(The Progenitor)
3. Dalkorn(669315 / 483655)(Assassin)(The Progenitor)
4. Aamos(643973 / 354424)(Guardian)(The Progenitor)
5. Aamos(579662 / 385842)(Guardian)(The Progenitor)

Leading Damage Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd(4/15 spots held)
Leading Damage Player: Fallen-stalker[Tomb of Freedon Nadd](2/15 spots held)

Overall Protection
1. Zabuzā(1171361)(Assassin)(Jedi Covenant)
2. Rynis(1075226)(Assassin)(Jedi Covenant)
3. Kobewan(953301)(Guardian)(Jedi Covenant)
4. Mylex(949305)(Guardian)(Red Eclipse)
5. Rynis(840877)(Assassin)(Jedi Covenant)

Highest Protection Per Single Life
1. Rynis(1075226)(Assassin)(Jedi Covenant)
2. Ryniz(771632)(Shadow)(Jedi Covenant)
3. Zabuzā(743868)(Assassin)(Jedi Covenant)
4. Rynis(677240)(Assassin)(Jedi Covenant)
5. Kobewan(667890)(Guardian)(Jedi Covenant)

Most Damage Taken
1. Kobewan(1037465)(Guardian)(Jedi Covenant)
2. Cates(1022575)(Guardian)(Jedi Covenant)
3. Panser(1004806)(Juggernaut)(Jedi Covenant)
4. Inmortal(972651)(Sage)(Jedi Covenant)
5. Aux(954970)(Commando)(Jedi Covenant)

Damage Taken/Death Ratio
1. Saerath(765099/0)(Guardian)(Jedi Covenant)
2. Ryniz(701773/0)(Shadow)(Jedi Covenant)
3. Zābuza(698103/0)(Shadow)(Jedi Covenant)
4. Ny'sha(651564/0)(Scoundrel)(Red Eclipse)
5. Vandana(616354/0)(Vanguard)(Jedi Covenant)

300k+ Protection/Damage
1. Zabuzā(1171361 / 583851)(Assassin)(Jedi Covenant)
2. Je'tta(738187 / 404267)(Assassin)(Jedi Covenant)
3. Aamos(397666 / 365855)(Guardian)(The Progenitor)
4. Aamos(366631 / 349275)(Guardian)()The Progenitor)
5. Stavroz(362967 / 336939)(Shadow)(Master Dar'nala)

Leading Protection/Damage taken Server: Jedi Covenant(18/20 spots held)
Leading Protection/Damage taken Player: Rynis[Jedi Covenant](6/20 spots held)

Highest Overall Healing
1. Scopeseven(2235879)(Sorcerer)(The Bastion)
2. Krxnch(2024286)(Scoundrel)(The Bastion)
3. D'illinger(1990016)(Scoundrel)(Red Eclipse)
4. Larame(1942600)(Operative)(The Bastion)
5. Trska(1912323)(Scoundrel)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)

Healing Per Second
1. Simple(1690.29)(Sage)(Jedi Covenant)
2. Amu(1607.11)(Sage)(Red Eclipse)
3. Neige(1566.63)(Sorcerer)(Red Eclipse)
4. Sāber(1566.31)(Sage)(Jedi Covenant)
5. Amu(1537.51)(Sage)(Red Eclipse)

Biggest Heal
1. Cilas(9778)(Sorcerer)(Prophecy of the Five)
2. Selene'athena(9323)(Sorcerer)(The Ebon Hawk)
3. Exodust(9209)(Sorcerer)(The Progenitor)
4. Malzahara(9014)(Sorcerer)(Prophecy of the Five)
5. Cloudcatcher(9097)(Commando)(Jedi Covenant)

Healing Done/Death Ratio
1. Scopeseven(2235879/0)(Sorcerer)(The Bastion)
2. Bobcowz(1848503/0)(Scoundrel)(Master Dar'nala)
3. Inovisible(1768282/0)(Scoundrel)(Jedi Covenant)
4. Minthe(1637386/0)(Sage)(Red Eclipse)

300k+ Healing/Damage
1. Thurinlore(556118 / 420475)(Sorcerer)(Prophecy of the Five)
2. Daney(553258 / 340778)(Sage)(Jedi Covenant)
3. Daney(580869 / 302426)(Sage)(Jedi Covenant)
4. Traitus(462901 / 383184)(Sorcerer)(Jedi Covenant)
5. Twist(379880 / 380686)(Sage)(The Harbinger)

Leading Healing Server: Red Eclipse(4/15 spots held)
Leading Healing Player: Noone

Highest Objective Points
1. Watcher-six(43400)(Mercenary)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)
2. Rîdrog(39650)(Vanguard)(Jar'kai Sword)
3. Kas'ar(38650)(Marauder)(Red Eclipse)
4. Rhigus(38500)(Juggernaut)(Jedi Covenant)
5. Mor'gun(37950)(Gunslinger)(Prophecy of the Five)

Most Medals
1. Shishou(25)(Shadow)(The Harbinger)
1. Tuloc(25)(Juggernaut)(The Harbinger)
2. Wasalu(24)(Shadow)(Prophecy of The Five)
2. Senza(24)(Guardian)(Begeren Colony)
2. Etun(24)(Vanguard)(Red Eclipse)
2. Twitchman(24)(Juggernaut)(Prophecy of the Five)
2. Etheris(24)(Juggernaut)(Jung Ma)
2. (3.0)Zabuza/Nobunaga(24)(Pot5)

Leading Objective/Medal Server: Prophecy of the Five(3/11 spots held)
Leading Objective/Medal Player: Noone(there is noone on that section more than once.)

Solo Kills
1. Scyn(25)(Guardian)(Begeren Colony)
2. Aluka(20)(Sentinel)(The Progenitor)
3. Xāmot(16)(Juggernaut)(Jedi Covenant)
4. Sev'row(14)(Operative)(Begeren Colony)
4. Azazelle(14)(Juggernaut)(Begeren Colony)
4. Stalkeki(14)(Powertech)(The Progenitor)

Killing Blows
1. Xāmot(50)(Juggernaut)(Jedi Covenant)
2. Etickels(48)(Powertech)(T3-M4)
3. Etickels(47)(Powertech)(T3-M4)
4. Etickels(45)(Powertech)(T3-M4)
5. Sperathree(43)(Sentinel)(Jar'kai Sword)

Leading Killing Server: Three way Tie - Jedi Covenant/T3-M4/Begeren Colony(3/11 spots held each)
Leading Killing Player: Etickels[T3-M4](3/15 spots)

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Bonus Section: Overall Warzone Stats

The section below will be the stats you've accumulated over all the warzones you have played. Top 3 in each category will be put on the list. Use this screenshot as a template to understand the categories below.

For rated win/loss ratio add your wins and losses together to get your total games. Then divide your wins by your total games and multiply by 100 to get your win/loss percentage.
For example: On the screenshot there are 59 wins, 9 losses, and 68 total games. Therefore 59/68 = .8676 Multiply that by 100 and the win loss ratio is 86.76%. Rounded at the tens place it would be 86.8%. This is how you get your rated warzone win/loss percentage.

You must have played a minimum of 100 rated games to be considered for the win/loss ratio. All ratios submitted that are under 100 rated games played won't be put onto the list.

Highest Earned Rating
1. Cameronz(3688)(Powertech)(The Bastion)
2. Scold(3315)(Operative)(The Bastion)
3. Xiresh(3066)(Assassin)(T3-M4)
4. Easyway(3000)(Assassin)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)
5. Deft(2918)(Powertech)(The Bastion)

Most Rating Spots(Server): The Bastion(3/5 spots held)

Highest Win/Loss Percentage
1. Sheltun(99.31%)(Shadow)(Red Eclipse)
2. Phrakk(99.1%)(Commando)(Jar'kai Sword)
3. Gordir(98.4%)(Operative)(T3-M4)
4. Amu(98.0%)(Sage)(Red Eclipse)
5. Sakara(97.1%)(Sage)(Jar'kai Sword)

Total Wins(Non-rated)
1. Wrecks(3819)(Marauder)(Begeren Colony)
2. Jhamel(2796)(Shadow)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)
3. Gosia(2742)(Sentinel)(Red Eclipse)
4. Givemedanger(2476)(Sorcerer)(Red Eclipse)
5. Carthy(2227)(Powertech)(Dalborra)

Player Kills
1. Gosia(122331)(Sentinel)(Red Eclipse)
2. Wrecks(111864)(Marauder)(Begeren Colony)
3. Givemedanger(88755)(Sorcerer)(Red Eclipse)
4. Ny'sha(86551)(Scoundrel)(Red Eclipse)
5. Jhamel(77585)(Shadow)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)

Medals Earned
1. Wrecks(56793)(Marauder)(Begeren Colony)
2. Jhamel(47242)(Shadow)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)
3. Givemedanger(43733)(Sorcerer)(Red Eclipse)
4. Gosia(38398)(Sentinel)(Red Eclipse)
5. Carthy(35522)(Powertech)(Dalborra)

MvP Votes Received
1. Wrecks(6750)(Marauder)(Begeren Colony)
2. Jhamel(5949)(Shadow)(Tomb of Freedon Nadd)
3. Ny'sha(5062)(Scoundrel)(Red Eclipse)
4. Gosia(4759)(Sentinel(Red Eclipse)
5. Carthy(4489)(Powertech)(Dalborra)

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Server Comparison


This section will take how many spots a particular server or player has. For example, if Jedi Covenant had 3 spots in all the damage categories and they had the most spots, they had would be first on the list with 3 spots. The same applies if it is a player. For Damage spots below I will be taking the results from overall Damage and Damage per second. For protection it will be overall protection and highest protection per single life. For healing it will be overall healing and healing per second. For overall it will combine all 6 of the categories I just mentioned.

Most Damage Spots(Server)
1. Tie - The Harbinger/Red Eclipse(3/10 spots held each)
3. Four way Tie - Tomb of Freedon Nadd/The Progenitor/Prophecy of the Five/Jedi Covenant(1/10 spot held each)

Most Damage Taken/Protection Spots(Server)
1. Jedi Covenant(9/10 spots held)
2. Red Eclipse(1/10 spot held)

Most Healing Spots(Server)
1. Red Eclipse(4/10 spots held)
2. The Bastion(3/10 spots held)
3. Jedi Covenant(2/10 spots held)
4. Tomb of Freedon Nadd(1/10 spot held)

Most Overall Spots(Server)
1. Jedi Covenant(12/30 spots held)
2. Red Eclipse(8/30 spots held)
3. Tie - The Bastion/The Harbinger(3/30 spots held)
4. Tomb of Freedon Nadd(2 spots held)
5. Tie - The Progentior/Prophecy of the Five(1 spot held each)

Most Damage Spots(Player)

Most Damage Taken/Protection Spots(Player)
1. Rynis(Jedi Covenant)(5/10 spots held)

Most Healing Spots(Player)
1. Noone

Most Overall Spots(Player)

1. Rynis(Jedi Covenant)(5/10 spots held)
2. Tie - Zabuza(Jedi Covenant)/Kobewan(Jedi Covenant)/Amu(Red Eclipse) hold 2 spots each in the combined 6 categories of overall damage, damage per second, overall protection, highest protection per single life, overall healing, and healing per second..
Phantom Dusk - Assassin - Harbinger