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One of the nice thing in later wow (havent tried pandaria) was the phased events. Could easily have been done in swtor too. after finishing planetary questline you would phase to "planet2" where bonus quests would be. It helped moving the story forward in the areas.

And yes. SWTOR miss some mmo features.. itīs small things that you might not notice at first, but when you log into GW2 ex. the world feels more alive. Itīs the tiny things like when you walk onto a farmground and the chickens go cluck cluck. Itīs too bad i like swtor better. Much of the fluff things is just done better in other mmoīs. And lets face it. mmoīs needs loads of fluff. Itīs not like a singleplayer game you play once, if itīs good you might replay a few times. People spend so much more time in a mmo that more fluff just pays off.
This is not a fact in anyway. GW2 does it way worse for me. You can't state that "GW2 feels alive and TOR doesn't" because that is just an opinion.
GW1 felt way more alive for me then GW2 did esp Nightfall felt very very alive. But again that is a personal opinion not a fact.

"Could easily have been done in TOR"

Again you don't know this and I don't either. Have any of us worked with the hero engine? You state things like they are facts when you lack the proper knowledge to keep slamming opinions around.
I'll make this completely clear, rookie--when you're in the field, what I say goes. Period!