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So I am amazingly bored right now because I am in Europe and people seem to think sleep is good for Australian night times... All though I did manage to pull together a fp team by raging in general for a good 5 minutes at the 15 people on fleet to queue. Which as 3 of us were over geared and bored automatically turned into an obvious what not to do in a fp run... Needless to say lots of fun was had... (Even though one dps rage quitted 2/3 way though cause we were attacking all of the things )

Anyway for the 2 hrs I was patient I got thinking and I came up with a list of my favourite casual and fun ops team.

So here is my question to you guys: Who would you want as a fun ops group?

But wait there are a few rules:
1. They must know you.
2. You can't just chose the best raiders you know they have to be people you find FUN to be around (I am sure there may be SOME overlap).
3. You can only have 2 people in it that are in your raid team (assuming you are in one).
4. The build up must be relevant (ie for pve 2 heals, 2 tanks, 4 dps)
5. You must put in at least one person no one really knows (and it cant be you )
6. If you pvp same rules apply but for a rated team.
7. You can not under any circumstances complain about someone else list because YOU don't like someone on their list, lets keep everything positive.

So here is mine:
Tanks: Jalan, Woofi
Dps: Elren, Yours truly, Spiro, Nut (which of his alts is dps I can never remember which is which lol)
Heals: Bewoven, Krono

There's my list and of course there are lots of other people that I wanted to put in there and the cuts were hard.

I wish I could give everyone who participates cookies, unfortunately however Darth Baras ate them all.
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