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What separates SWTOR from WoW is that it's about orcs and elves. What makes wow so nice to play is the features it has and how stable the game is compared to SWTOR. I stopped playing wow last week because blizzard mentality is "raid or die". I might continue playing WoW if they implemented 10 mans in LFR WITHOUT the nerfs. Some people, like me, got weird work hours and can't dedicate themselves to a guild, which mostly raid at hours when I work.

If they added some of the features that wow has and fix the mirage of bugs and performance issues (client and server), I would be pretty happy overall. However, I would like to see more emotes, mini games like pazaak and addons. It's small things like these that kept me hooked to wow, and probably would hook me more to swtor.

But the ultimate killer for me is the class story. If they don't have any plans to expand this then I'm going to stop playing because that is what I enjoy the most in this game.
I disagree, I tried WoW again when MOP came out and damn man... that game did not age well... Blizz trying to do thing with it that the engine was never supposed to do.. its just a ******** of **** nowadays and I don't mind the pandas and the cutesy stuf.

"If they added some of the features that wow has" again what is this? What WoW has is 2 things; Really good endgame pvp and PvE gear tier raids. Thats it!

Do you want the pokemon game?

"mini games like pazaak and addons." would be nice but for how long and for how many? I also would love some things of my own added but I realize that its things that not everyone want to see and when development costs a huge jack of money you have to add things that ppl will make use of.

Pazaak and stuf like housing and that is just 2 things; 1 fluff content to delay the game 2 grind (esp houses).

So if they add minigames then you would be happy with TOR?

I'd say that the most important things is to do what you typed in your post: fix the bugs and the server stability a.k.a lag.
I'll make this completely clear, rookie--when you're in the field, what I say goes. Period!