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12.16.2012 , 05:12 PM | #10
Are you people on crack? It's the best warzone Bioware has come up with and it is the best for 1 reason alone. "You get punished severely for being a stupid ****."

*The map is even. It takes the same amount of time to get from the spawn to each pilon as it does for the enemy faction.

*You can't see how many people are going to each node until you are committed to taking a side.

*Holding 2 pilons is always better than holding 1 and trafficing orbs or landing kills. Taking 2 pilons is not easy. You can also take 1 pilon and then attack their pilon and stall their cap for the entire round by playing smart. This also can blow up in your face especially if you are severely outnumbered.

*People can solo defend a node from 1 attacker by standing a good distance away from the pilon. 1 stealth can take the node from you with ease if you are standing right next to the node.

*The round resets periodically re-balancing the fight.. The strongest team can lose at any point if they **** up.