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Species/Race: Human
Name: Classified
Codename: Stryfe
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Dromund Kass
Age: Classified
Height: 6’3
Weight: 190
Hair Color/Style: long black, usually pulled in a ponytail
Facial Appearance: trimmed beard, with a small scar over his eye
Eye Color: pale blue
Body Appearance: average muscular build with scarring on his back
Personality: calculating and charming willing to kill people to serve the empire
Home Planet: Dromund Kass
Current Residence: Classified
Allegiance: Empire
Profession: Imperial Agent (sniper)
Armor/Clothes: Black and burgundy trenchcoat with body armor underneath and black gloves
Primary Weapon(s): sniper rifle
Secondary Weapon(s): 12 inch vibroknife strapped to his belt
Miscellaneous Item(s): thermal detonator, stun knife, flashbang grenade, stealth field generator
Biography: Born on dromund kass to an influential military family he was educated by the best minds his father could afford but also was punished severely if he acted out against his parents. After reaching the age of 18 he joined the imperial military gaining high praises from his superiors for his skills as a sniper and strategist in small skirmishes against the republic. It wasn’t till 5 years later that Stryfe caught the eye of imperial intelligence by poisoning an influential diplomat on a trip to boost troops morale. Keeper transferred him back to dromund kass were stryfe was given the choice to join imperial intelligence or be court martialed and branded a traitor to the empire. after a minute of debating it with himself he decided his particular talents were far more suited for low impact covert missions then grunt work and joined imperial intelligence. Being a part of intelligence he was forced to sever his connections with family and adopt the name Stryfe and is usually sent on assassination or deep cover missions to root out any threat to the empire.

hopefully this character is good for this rp
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