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12.16.2012 , 04:30 PM | #66
I wish I didn't play the Agent story first, all the other stories have been bland in comparison.

That being said I do really like the Smuggler storyline. Doesn't fall into the epic yet cliched 'save the world' thing you have going on with the Jedi Knight or 'being the most powerful, feared sith evaar!' with the Sith Warrior, but thats why I like it. Its one series of amusing shenanigans after another with some witty dialogue, quirky characters and just a taste of the seedy underworld.

The Consular story was boring, very boring in fact. The person who called it an 'acquired taste' here I suspect is the one responsible for writing it.

The trooper story was meh, but again I don't particularly care for soldier types or anything to do with a military ethos. I just find all that gun-toting and 'get some!' mentality tedious. Though I suspect the class would have been more interesting on the Imperial side.
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