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The character index linked in my sig is up to date!

@Ereinel, Eryn!Quinn is going to have a very, very bad time of it, isn't he...

@almostinsane, good to see you back! Did your consular Zantel ever get going to pry his brother Teague out from Imp hands? As for Xerxes...Vette's a pushy broad, isn't she? (The answer is yes. The answer is always yes.) I got a laugh out of Big Daddy Sith and Big Mommy Sith hooking up a power coupling to make baby Xerxes.

@Striges, Jurial's voice works, and I like it. I love, love, love at the end, the implications of his having the writings of the Warrior-Poet. (Ugh, quest description but I don't have the quest text ready to hand.)

@Tatile, I wonder whether that nagging feeling will always be there for outcast minorities. Like, sure, I made it, but...even the people close to me must recognize I'm just an alien.

@Qwib, I loved this! Sith can, of course, be absolutely blunt about a great many things, including matters of great political's just somehow a hundred times funnier if they're dead drunk while holding forth on the subject. I applaud Briel staying so very aware through what could've ended very badly.

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I'm still giggling uncontrollably over this.

@iamthehoyden, Crae, having run his prey ragged, finally closes. I like how proud he is of it.
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