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Hey guys I just had to come back to this thread and share my most recent experience.
So as you know we now get a full set of tionese gear upon reaching 50. So yesterday qued on my guardian DPS and got Esseles. Now I thought yay it will prob be relatively quick but I was sadly mistaken. You see the tank was actually a Guardian but you see for a while he was speced DPS and only recently decided to tank so he came in tionese gear but wasn't even in tanking form. I had to train this guy the basic things about tanking he even didn't know what guard is and was wondering why I kept stealing agro off him. That's not all, see we had a sage come I as heals but the thing was she wasn't healing...I asked her why she didn't drop her Aoe and she says oh because I'm speced in damage and heals. At this point I was about to rage quit, but the commando that was with us manged to sustain enough dps with me that we downed all the bosses but not after being in that instance for over 90mins. Anyway that's my little story.
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