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12.16.2012 , 02:09 PM | #4
Started my JK Friday and so was doing the Heroic. One of the guys was a FTP'er I got, and the other two were subbed but as far as I could tell, noobs. So we met at the Heroic spot and saw two more players. One asked me (interestingly, through "Say") if they could join our group. I politely said we were full and I was sorry. So we started the Heroic, and so did that group.

I have never seen anything like that. The two groups almost worked in unison - it was hilarious at times because no one ever stopped to heal - we didn't need to because the droids were overwhelmed before they could have a chance to kill us. By the time we reached the terminal, there had been a droid massacre in that cave - it was great! But the FTP'er was just a lot of fun because you could tell he was new to the game (he traveled first to Kalikori village for the mission before we corrected him), and even though he didn't have sprint he was just hacking through the enemies faster than we could reach them almost!

Then, last night, I did Esseles. One guy was a FTP'er (a Sentinel) and the other, though subbed, didn't seem to have done it before (at the least, he never angry-typed "SPACEBAR!!!1!!111!!"). So we had an enjoyable run, and when we got ready to repel the boarders, I said "Okay. Coming up on the first boss." The Sentinel says "Already?" and I said "Yup" and we got ready. So we proceeded (no healers) fantastically. Then we get to Ironfist and I (a Guardian, and despite being a DPS figure I can tank better in modded adaptive armor than he can in green medium) say "Okay, it's important to let me go in first, and when his reinforcements arrive, you kill them." He says "Okay." So we begin the battle, and he does exactly as I say - down to the period. So we race through (I had to go soon) and despite not doing bonuses, we did a great run and finished without (until the end, when I had to go) anyone saying "Spacebar." All in all, a fulfilling experience.