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@Fino: Totally agree with Ald on his first impressions. Quinn's so sexy when he's mad. Why so serious? I liked seeing their first impressions of each other, knowing how they end up. I wish we could've at least asked Quinn why he chose to come with us when he supposedly had the pick of the entire galaxy, because it was so freaking transparent - but like Ald said, at least he's cute ...

@Kabe: I'm not quite finished with the JK storyline (she's L44), so I was a bit hesitant to read your story with its spoiler caveat - but I'm very glad I did. I absolutely loved the Saresh Drinking Game. Every time that holo in the Taris spaceport turned on, I wanted to change the channel to The Real Housewives of Coruscant or something. (I hate how the voice follows me out of the spaceport, if I leave before she's done talking - I'll be standing in the middle of Olaris and then I hear "TOGETHER!" and it freaks me out.)

- I really liked how Remi and Lord Scourge, after all was said and done, were able to give each other a purpose to move forward. Who knows, maybe Scourge will

@Striges: It's an interesting point that Andalar didn't join the Great Hunt, sacrificing honor for honor - prestige for principle. There are so few bounty hunters who operate mainly on principle, and it's refreshing to see that some of them strive to do their jobs with honor. I liked Rixik's reaction to his decision to do that, but I would ask, do "honorable" and "reasonable, intelligent, and practical" have to necessarily be mutually exclusive? Andalar's a good foil for Rixik - they complement each other, but I can see why Rixik would consider him a threat to his survival, and (presumably) vice versa.

- I loved the balance Jurial struck between fighting and contemplation - doing both for what he believed was right. I especially loved his conversation with the captain at the end - it's a very important lesson for all of us to remember, that it's not how long you've been in a certain position, it's how you conduct yourself and how you use the qualities you possess that make you worthy of holding that position. I'm a recent law school graduate, so I can really sympathize with Jurial's point of view. I'll definitely remember what he said in the coming months.

@almostinsane: I love how Vette was able to see in Xerxes the things he couldn't (or wouldn't) see in himself. He really seemed to be set on fulfilling the traditional Sith 'archetype' that he was willing to ignore, or change, who he really was - and I'm glad Vette was able to begin to show him that he didn't have to be a stereotypical Sith to fulfill the Sith ideals. Vette's much better at reading people than I'm sure most would give her credit for, and her comments, from what little she's seen so far of Xerxes, were very perceptive.

@Tatile: Aw, Broan/Rochester <3. It's such a great follow-up to your last story. I'm glad we get to see how far he's come from that day at the club, and that he's happier now.

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I have a terrible habit of ending these shorts on speech.
I totally do the same thing! I find that it makes for a great ending.

@QwibQwib: Welcome! Kaaste is a hilarious drunk!Sith, and Briel's quiet amusement at Kaaste's antics while still being deferential was great. Wonder what will happen with them (or if Kaaste will wake up tomorrow and not remember what happened, or how he got home). I look forward to seeing more of them in the future!

@Hoyden: Oh, Crae. Even from the beginning he's quietly examining, probing, prying. Devious joy at finding out other people's secrets that they find difficult to talk about, and are probably telling him in confidence. I really enjoyed seeing how he and Skari began their alliance (if that's in fact what it is ...). Here we go again with me wanting to believe that he means well - and this time, by the end, I almost believe it. Almost.
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