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Finally getting to replies! Doop.

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I am formally holding you responsible for sending tea through my nasal passages and out onto my keyboard- ew but not sure why this line cracked me up the way it did. It just seems so Pierce-like
Pierce canít help it. He can be awesome. Sometimes. Itís on his dossier.

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Fino, aw. Ald being domestic.
Ald loves cooking and playing host. Itís something Inusitus focused on to get Ald to stop being such a wild child.

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Fino - the meal times with the Fury crew are so family-like; ok, a dysfunctional family, but still, they're adorably domestic
SoÖ theyíre a normal family? [snickers]

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@ Fino: Just one big, almost happy, kind-of-getting-along group of people sharing meals. Fun ensues.
Just like any other family gathering.

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@irishfino - I'm intrigued. As nice as it is to see Ald and the crew being a (mostly) functional family, the whole thing seems just a little... weird. Vette, Pierce, and Quinn as an effective combat team? Vette being civil to Quinn? Quinn not just noticing but actively pleased by Vette's happiness? What is this strangely endearing sorcery?
In combat, it is important to put your differences aside. In a group of three, if one goes down, that is a third of your man power. If Pierce goes down, thatís at least half. They focus on the fighting, not so much the (to put it mildly) dislike of one another. As soon as the mission is complete, itís business as usual.

As for Quinn, heís not so much pleased by Vetteís happiness as he is pleased by the fact that sheís talking to Ald. Thereís a part I havenít written yet, but things get tense on the Fury for a long period of time. Ald considered Vette a friend and when she stops talking to him it hurts him dearly. This hurt bothers Quinn more than anything since he is an indirect cause of it. Once she starts talking to Ald again, progress in repairing their friendship starts and Ald is in a better mood which means Quinn can relax just a tad. He and Ald are not back together at this point, but his happiness is still important to Quinn.

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@ Fino. - Ald & Quinn.. I don't think I need to say more

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Quinn and Ald require more study time, I should say. Perhaps you should make them study partners?
Oh, they will have more study time. It might not make its way on to the forum, perhaps on that site for deviants such as myself. Weíll see.

And Iíll tell you.

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@irishfino, you wrote someone calling Quinn boring. Color me astonished.
[pulls out a color chart] What color is that? :P

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@irishfino - I like that Ald goes into this realising fully that Quinn is a plant, but decides to play the game through just to see what's underneath.
At this point, Quinn is useful for his skills and he seems to be fairly interesting. No point in killing him. Yet. >.> <.<

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@ Irishfino: Interesting first impressions, especially given how their story goes later.
First impressions are important to establishing roles in the beginning of any friendship/partnership/job. They set the stage for later judgment and can be rewritten, albeit painfully in some cases. Quinnís first few dealings with Ald shape how he sets his calculations. Ald, on the other hand, is open to the idea of there being more to the officer and is far more flexible than Quinn is when his first view isnít his only view. Fun times are to be had.
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