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Name: Kruseras Valkorro

Species: Human

Age: 46

Gender: Male

Profession: Wanderer (formerly Jedi sage

Date of Birth: Unknown

Place of Birth: Unknown

Home Planet: Tython

Current Residence: Voss

Allegiance: No one

Armor: Torn Jedi Sage robes, brown cloth covering the area where his eyes would be

Facial Appearance: Aged, grey beard going to his neckline

Hair style/color: Long, slicked down hair that falls to the mid of his neck. Grey

Weapon of Choice: The Force

Secondary Weapon: Emerald lightsaber

Misc. Items: Amulet given to him by his father

Kruseras was born to two Jedi somewhere in the galaxy. Not much is known about him up until his Jedi training. He had a strong connection to the Force, which led him down the path of a sage. He surpassed the trials with ease, and he was becoming a great Jedi until he faced against a Sith named Lord Elisstias. The Sith cut his eyes, permanently destroying his vision. The only thing that kept his vision was a strengthened connection to the Force. This connection was made because a Jedi master who was on the verge of passing on sacrificed himself to give Kruseras the Force power he needed to help him see. The aging Jedi sage's ability to sense dark siders incredibly well made him an effective Sith hunter. While his eyesight is gone, the Force helps him stay aware of his surroundings.
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