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Im not sure i would thrust Jorgan to take a former Havoc squad member as prisoner. Its not so much the heckeling he did on starter planet, its all "the boohoo i didnt deserve this" + "i hate all the former Havoc squad members"
Hes just a bit too emotionall for my liking as XO.

Then theres Elara. Former imperial soldier. Heer by the books ways might work well. Still she was imperial and im not 100% id like my XO to be X-imperial. Who knows what kinda relations she might have on imperial side with some emotional bind on her. Also, how good is she to think on the go. To make new plans when the old plans gets FUBAR.

i picked Elara. I asked both why they should get promoted, and Jorgen was shocked that i would ask. Clearly he was the better XO material. Getting emotional again instead of just pointing out his strong sides was what tipped the scales in Elaras favor.

I love my 4X, i can allways count on him to hate all imperial scum. Definedtly my favorite trooper companion. I cant promote him though, and hed probably make a bad XO anyways. Emotions are bad for an XO, and hating all imperial scum is kinda emotional.

Vik, no way. Hed abuse power as XO and i would never thrust him to do anything without trying to angle it in some way so he could make some extra profit.

Yuun. He doesnt seem to be enough trooper, but setting that aside hed probably be my pick.(i know you cant pick him ofc.) He get things done even if his approch migh be a bit strange alot of the time. He seems to be a proffesional without getting too emotional or getting too "everything-must-be-by-the-book"