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Quote: Originally Posted by fungihoujo View Post
Good players know to focus fire, know how to dogged pursuit you, keep you stunned and interrupted. Bad players can still do plenty of damage- they just don't bother trying to stop a healer.
I understand how you are trying to logically show me your thought process, but it still doesn't make sense really. I guess if you are strictly a dps sorc, and you have absolutely no support from a single person on your team, and you are constantly being focused and not a single person is helping you in any way...then your numbers will suck. That is understandable and makes sense.

As a corruption hybrid though, my healing skyrockets when myself and teammates are being focused hard and properly. I'm taking way more damage and so are my teammates. I have to heal for a lot more, and even help with assisting on damage when playing a challenging game.

Something to think about is when I am being focused really hard, I always heal for a lot more because I have extra healing on myself from talents. I'm also constantly healing every second of the game if I am being focused religiously. Also good games last a lot longer than quick wins against bad players.

In a non-challenging game I will heal for 150-300k because there isn't much to be done. But in a challenging game I usually heal for 400-700k and do 75-125k damage.