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I need to do shout-outs! I'm terrible at talking to people, but never fear, I will do so!
Edit: I think I've covered most people. If I've missed you, slap me.

Kabe: It says a lot about the Chancellor and his speeches that people can get drunk to them. Also, coupling this short with the Seasons one, Scourge's immortality becomes ever more a looming shadow over his happiness. That, even if he could remove the restraints on his ability to feel, he would still have an everlasting numbness.

Striges: Is it vanity or arrogance that makes Rixik keep that scar? I imagine that in the Star Wars universe there would be ways and means of removing or replacing such obvious identifiers, either way it's an interesting thought. Might I also say that it warms my heart to see that even Rixik holds Skadge in contempt, even if it is for entirely different reasons?
- I love Jurial. Your use of the first person really allows a much deeper insight into his mind and philosophies than could have been achieved using the third person, or at least not quite as naturally. His analysis of his position in the universe and the Force is a perfect example of a more fundamental difference between Jedi and Sith than which side of the Force they use.

Ereiniel: Quinn would want to enforce a dress code for Sith, but I do agree with him about the impracticalities of wearing a midriff showing garment, regardless of one's attunement to the Force.

Insane: I think you have Vette down pat: she's outspoken, but empathic. She believes in an amount of openness and truth between family (and the Sith Warrior is family, even my Dark Warrior treated Vette like a sister), but understands there are lines and things you don't press, even if she does have a tendency to accidentally tread on them. Your Warrior's background also demonstrates further the problems with the Sith's (and in some ways Imperial) will to power and how it blinds and destroys them (even if his father had reproduced with the Pureblood woman, there's not a 100% guarantee that the child would be Force Sensitive.)



I have a terrible habit of ending these shorts on speech. Also, this is stupid and sappy and I absolutely had to get that flower in there and I don't know why D: