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12.16.2012 , 09:00 AM | #58
Is this bug actually going to get fixed at all ??? If this was my game it would be on a high priority list due to this one reason alone... If I was a F2P player this would put me right off the game straight off the bat. As I would wonder how it could get any worse as I progress thru the levels.

It's been nearly a month & a half since this first appeared. I see on the In-game known issues list that this
>>> •Flashpoint: The Foundry: Players will expereince a client crash after the conversation with Helm Officer Martos. This only occurs in Hard Mode.
Has been added to the list but it is not just one flashpoint that has this issue & it isn't just in HM as my low lvl chars who run the esseles also crash on the jump to lighspeed animation. Which is def not a HM FP !!!

I would just like to thank Beesodd for at least linking a workaround in a few other threads. As this bug made alot of people in my guild irritable when we got the daily pop & knew this was coming.

Please could we get this uppdated properly on the in-game issues list & an update on where the fix is at..

Would be greatly appreciated.