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First, the only Evan Thomsen-s I found was a high school kid and a professional fitness trainer. Whomever this guy is, he's a passionate fan but alas, does not work for EAware.

Secondly, for those that didn't see, I got (games industry International) to respond to this matter last night.

So that's another route we can take. Make sure you send out the messages and emails to them as well. They are the site that has the now-infamous EA/Zynga article that we edited, so I listened to my gut and wrote them. Glad I did.

Third, I've literally gotten that exact same CSR message about the Guild Summit when I came back to the game in September. After the Livestream, I would take that with the smallest grain of salt. I'm not trying to be negative, but I saw Uluain get the exact same message a few months back.

Finally, Uluain wanted me to say good bye to you all. Last night was utterly insane, and left a lot of us limping into this thread by the end of it.

He'll be watching, but man, he'll be missed. <hats off>

I'm going to be a little scarce over the next few days. My guild is wondering if I'm okay at this point, since I haven't logged in since Sunday.

As always, I'll be lurking, reading and reporting if I need to.


Edit: For those of you about to give up, contact GLAAD via email or facebook. The reason why GLAAD was contacted over this matter is because I found out that they had helped this very community last year. Rewording some of the angry letters to BioWare in order to send to GLAAD would be the way to go. Voting with our wallets didn't work, so maybe some media pressure will do it.
For the record, I'm the Evan Thomsen that often posts on their Facebook page. Although I am neither a high school kid nor a professional fitness trainer, I also don't work for EA games or Bioware in any capacity. Passionate fan probably is the best description of me.

Anyway, I got bored and did a Google search on my own name, just to see whom else might come up under my name, and found this thread.