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A few things here.

First of all, there is a reason people are crafting things free with mats, and it has nothing to do with helping out the community.

Firstly, people have undercut each other to that point (and are only willing to go that low because they can still profit off of crits on armorings/mods/enhancements/hilts/barrels). Secondly many of the same people crafting free with mats, also control the price of stabilizers on the markets, ensuring they're getting their credits from you one way or another.

lol I lol'd - 'athena

As someone who is very involved in the stabilizer market I can assure you no crafters offering free crafting are doing so to profit on stabilizers. Stabilizer prices on our server when TFB HM came out were in the very high 100's to the very low 200's. The first week of TFB when the quest turn in was giving out stabs in very large quantity from quests and inside the instance itself the prices dipped to the low 100's and even below 100 several times. Supply and demand in action. There were many people such as myself who stocked up while the prices were low. <Empire> stocked up to ensure we could craft our 8 raiders and the couple of alternatives all the mods/enhancements/hilts whatever we needed to be full 27's as we RE'd 100% of our TFB drops to learn schematics we ended up with a stockpile after we were done. With no new content in sight the guild bank has been slowly selling off while others like me continue to buy low and sell high. If you look at the names of people selling stabs its usually pvpers who are RE'ing wh gear from min maxing. Whenever EWH came out I cleared out my cargo hold of all WH mods armorings and enhancements and ended up with well over 30 stabs, i'm sure it was the same for many with high valor.

As far as the hilts are concerned empire only has 2 marauders and we both have both our hilts and we don't buy any crafted item unless we are going to equip it.

Lastly I can make the following and am charging only the stabilizers. I will cover all the other crafting materials. Message bro or swtormart pub side.

potent 26 mod
deft 26 mod
Might armoring 26
Force wielder 26 armoring
Adept 26 enh
Assault 26 enh
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