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12.15.2012 , 09:35 PM | #1
The last few days been trying to get a decent amount of them but sheesh....

Where the heck can I find a decent area for grade 3 nodes ? Tattoine is about the right level, but nodes are few and so far between, that today I spent around 40 minutes and I managed to get 5 units of it (between 15 and 20 people on that instance at that time so I dont think I was losing them too much to other gatherers )

Alderaan is much better in terms of number of grade 3 nodes, but problem is that seems to be really biased towards Ancient artifact fragments, so again a lot of time for very few of them. Taris has grade 3 too, but I didnt find any "prehistoric" nodes, only ancient ones.

Any area that I'm missing ? I play on the empire side, is it any better from the republic side ?

Damn, I wish we could just shoot rocks to be able to farm them for archeology crystals, just like with Scavenging and Bioanalisys.