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12.15.2012 , 09:30 PM | #6
The 23/17/1 is a fantastic build in a variety of situations when specced properly and run from dark charge. However some of the skills you've taken are questionable.
Electric execution for one is a garbage ability that should never be taken under any circumstances.
There's also obfuscation over recirculation - if you wanted to run this build from surging charge, you would always take recirculation over obfuscation. If you were in dark charge your choice would be appropriate, but here it looks like you got confused when you moved your points around.
If you're going to use dark charge, then you would probably want swelling shadows and hollow instead of electric execution and thrashing blades as those abilities would provide extra survivability in the form of self healing. You could opt to keep thrashing blades if you preferred, but at the least you need to lose electric execution.

So depending on which charge you want to run (I'd say use dark charge in this build but surging charge you could make a case for) you need to move points either in one direction or the other for this to be at its most effective.