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You will quickly find yourself with a lot fewer people to play with, though to be honest, I am not sure what the point of continuing to play would even be if you already had the gear.

I have canceled my sub due to Schubert's statement. I will resub if Bioware clarifies their intent, and if that intent is NO PAY TO WIN.
Again, this is mind projection fallacy. You are making a great deal of assumptions based on the projection of your beliefs onto others. I explained why I play. I explained what entertainment I gain from such games. One could just as easily argue that grinding and gear chasing is a pointless endeavor.

You say you have played MMOs for so long...have you ever stopped to think that maybe they aren't the type of game you are looking for?
This is adolecent. I'll not that about it but won't justify it with the dignity of an answer. ;p
May the Schwartz be with you....