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12.15.2012 , 06:17 PM | #357
Unfortunately, you don't need a State of the Game post from the devs in order to figure out the state of the game.

It's an embaressment.

The communication that they have promised in the past (promised twice - remember that?) is practically nonexistant, to the point where it seems they don't even bother. Just the way it has been for months.

All of the wonderful and EXCITING! things that were talked about at the guild summit may as well have been thrown into the fire, since they haven't seen fit to communicate anything regarding nearly all of these issues.

APAC is still circling the drain, and the only response those poor bat rastards have receieved is that EAware is going to "take some time and evaluate." No mention of how much time, and no updates with any new information.

Subscribers won't have to pay any additional money - except when they will, for instance possibly for Makeb (whenever that sees the light of day).

The focus of the game seems to be the Cash Shop, which is immediately evident if you visit the homepage. Six "teasers" (not sure what to call them) show up. Five of them are directly related to the cash shop, and the sixth is the "Share your memories!" which is already a debacle, featuring a post that was stickied, unstickied, heavily moderated because it had almost NO postive posts due to customer anger, and then restickied.

The game's development team is an embaressment, and by association have turned this game into an embaressment, despite it having some interesting and fun features.