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Its a mystery why the Empire didn't use these against those pesky Ewoks

But seriously, very interesting. You seem to be pretty knowledgeable on this subject - but what about numbers? No doubt any of these SF could rival Sith, especially in numbers. But do they have the numbers to tackle every Sith in the Empire? Cause lets face it your average Stormtrooper is going to be nothing short of bantha fodder for the Sith.
It was just a strikeforce on Endor, and the Emperor sent his best legion there. But anyway to your question, the numbers they are never really specified. The Dark Phase 3 were only created in small numbers, though only due to cause Kyle Katarn shut it down...and seeing as these two factions are at full power they could just crank out a lot of Dark Phase 3 troopers.

A unit of Storm Commandos could go from 4 to 40 in strength, so take that as you will. All in all, the numbers are never really specified but seeing as both sides are at full strength and no outside involvement(meaning the Alliance never existed) then they could proceed with their Dark Trooper program. The Imperial Guard, could also do some damage too there are some notable members that have done some crazy things.

IE: Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax as examples of an Imperial Guardsmen/Soveregin Protector
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