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Theres also Shadow Stormtroopers, Storm Commandos, Terror Troopers, Storm Commanders(which were the equivalent to the ARC Commandos of the Clone Wars). MasterMe, you keep saying Vitiate has SF and while the SE has SF there is no detail of what those SF consist of. Lets take a look at a few of the GE's SF.

Phase Zero Dark Trooper= Aged clone vets who have had their body parts replaced with cybernetics(some over 70% of their body) , with their experience plus their bodies they were deadly and effective. They carried Blast Cannons, SE-14r light repeating blasters and thermal detonators, also having a jump pack to move much more quickly.

Phase 2 Dark Trooper= Droid with reinforced phrik body, jump pack, an assault cannon capable of firing 400 plasma rounds and 20 missiles before reloading, it also had a deflector shield. A small number of these destroyed a Rebel base on Talay.

Phase 3 Dark Trooper= Dwarfing the Phase 2, the Phase 3 was sometimes known as a bipedal tank, with its amalgam of a clone's creativity, unpredictability and initiative combined with resilience and heavy firepower of a heavy droid. The exhoskeleton provided the wearer with increased durability, firepower and strength it coming equipped with a handheld assault cannon and two shoulder mounted missile launchers. They were issued frag grenades, thermal detonators and concussion grenades, their armor was made of the nearly indestructible phrik metal.

Some were also equipped with integrated weapons, including a pair of dual blaster cannons and 6 PLEX rocket tubes under the shoulder plates 3 per shoulder.

Shadow Stormtroopers= Elite Stormtroopers with black stormtrooper experimental cloaking armor which aloud them to disappear within any environment. They used this technology, to surround the enemy before they even had time to mount a defense, the armor was also laced with durasteel fibers which made them more resistant to energy and physical attacks. These were successors to the clone shadow trooper from the Clone Wars.

Storm Commandos= Expert in guerrilla tactics and countering them, they were also involved in siege breaking, sabotage, and even Base Zero Delta operations against hard targets(complete destruction basically). Their armor was black scout armor, though reinforced with reflec which deflected light and sensor energy which made them invisible to all but the most determined of scans. The armor also included a sound dampener, numerous concesled weapons, and a thermal detonator that a commando could use if faced with capture.

They were also sometimes known to use Evasive-226-R field disruptors, which were advanced versions in disrupting defensive energy fields. Their main weapon was the E-11 rifle, but they also have used the Oppressor flame thrower and the Imperial long-range rocket rifle.

Stormtrooper Commander= Descendants of the ARC trooper during the Clone Wars, the commanders were treated as a special forces unit and the most elite warriors in the military. Their commitment to the Empire was so great, they would fight no matter the condition until death. Their armor had a built-in shield generator, which protected them from just about any attack including some Force based attacks, they were also armed with handheld blaster cannons equipped also with a powerful stun setting.

Emperor Shadow Guard= Silent and enigmatic warriors who took orders only from Palpatine himself, they were often sent to eliminate suspected jedi and other Force Users. They also demonstrated Force Powers of their own, capable of using Force lightning, Force Repulse, Force Choke and Force Maelstrom, though they were so strong in the Force. Their armor provided them a great deal of protection, and their primary weapon was the lightsaber pike but they did also have a heavy blaster pistol and a utility belt with a medpac, comlink(long range and holo capacity.)

Imperial Sovereign Protector= These were among the most elite in the guardsmen, only the best of the best were chosen. Extreme standards were set for combat fitness, stamina, strength, mental acuity, reaction time, loyalty and intelligence. They also received rudimentary training in using The Force, although not enough to stroke independence or ambition, the most exceptional were trained as Dark Jedi.

So really...what are the Sith Empire's Special Forces? You keep saying that they have SF MasterMe, and they do...but how do they stack up against those?
Excellent post Wolf, I didn't know half of that, very informative.

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