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I am having real trouble on more old friends defeat imperial soldiers

I am Level 10 and these soldiers are 15 (I think). I dont seem to even make a dent in them....

Any tips would be appreciated!!
If you're only level 10 and they're 15, then you need to leave the story quest for a good few days and go level. Stop skipping quests, play some WZs, do the flashpoints, do the group content. Do all the bonus quests and all their stages.

If you just run through the story ignoring everything else, you will end up constantly in this situation where enemies are higher levelled than you - and when they're 15 to your 10, you have literally no hope of progressing. The story content may be enticing, but you have to level along with it somehow. Go back, level up. Personally, I like to go well beyond the point of keeping even and stay about 4 levels above my class story quest recommended level, keeps things flowing really smoothly.