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Are you dense? What do you think happens without the cartel shop? Still, saying they are focusing on it when they add 1 cosmetic item a week wich is worked on by a team only dedicated to it and a couple of more when a patch releases vs added OPS/Warzone/Space missions and all the work the other teams are doing. Cmon... what you're doing can be considered baiting/flaming. You are giving us a totally parcial and negative view that doesnt reflect the reality in any way.

They need to communicate to us, but what you're saying isnt making anyone more enlightned. You're just acting like a child crying to try and get some atention. Lets try to turn the maturity up, we might be more likely to get replies that way.
I'll lay it out for you:

1. Life Day was cited as one of the events that was planned for SW:TOR.
2. We get Life Day, but not as an event.
3. Instead, it's a bunch of items (most Christmas-themed, disrespecting the setting) that are on the Cartel Shop.
4. Thus, we have an overt example of the Cartel Shop being privileged over the core game.

Need another? How about a five month drought of major content in lieu of the shop's implementation? Where was the "main team" then? Probably working on of their various perpetually eventual promises...

Also, if you want any communication with this particular team, you're barking up the wrong tree. They do not consider posting on the forums to be a part of their job description. They communicate almost solely by posting community round-up/dev tracker threads. They even stated that this was their goal for developing a relationship with the playerbase. How's that working out?

And I'm not saying that the Cartel Shop doesn't have a place in this game. It does. It just doesn't bode well if it's the focus.

Also, name-call all you want. It's childish, and I won't be engaged in that type of discussion. If you wish to refute me, by all means, do so. But do it with evidence and explanation, not by hurling insults. Ad hominem doesn't work with me.