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12.15.2012 , 04:33 PM | #355
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The only direction that has been made clear by the current leadership is a nearly total focus on the Cartel Shop, with secondary consideration payed to all other aspects of the game, with those secondary systems being tied into the Shop as well. The direction of the game is very obvious, but it's not exactly something they want to make clear.
Are you dense? What do you think happens without the cartel shop? Still, saying they are focusing on it when they add 1 cosmetic item a week wich is worked on by a team only dedicated to it and a couple of more when a patch releases vs added OPS/Warzone/Space missions and all the work the other teams are doing. Cmon... what you're doing can be considered baiting/flaming. You are giving us a totally parcial and negative view that doesnt reflect the reality in any way.

They need to communicate to us, but what you're saying isnt making anyone more enlightned. You're just acting like a child crying to try and get some atention. Lets try to turn the maturity up, we might be more likely to get replies that way.