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I haven't seen anyone in this thread refer to that area. I didn't even know it existed. Its hard to see it in the video you posted because they cut to someone else right at 2:27.

It looks like he is firing cone 3 there (the middle one) and they are just on the edge. I think this is a case of the graphic being larger than the actual effect.
I wasnt calling you out, and sorry if you felt like i was. My original post talking about the said exploit was in response to:
Quote: Originally Posted by RikuvonDrake View Post
There is a few safespots that range DPS and healers can stand so they dont get hit by it, try out difference positions to see if you can find it and then use it during the entire fight. We normally have me (shadow/assassin) and a DPS (senti/mara) on the droid just in front of the walker, that area will be hit by the AoE and when it come my DPS just pops guarded by the force/undying rage and I pop force shroud/resilience and it gives our healers no problem at all.
I do think what is going on is that the graphic is larger then the actual effect (which is somewhat opposite of all of the other cones), and i call it an exploit because if you were standing there without prior knowledge you would be expecting to be hit.
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