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12.15.2012 , 03:45 PM | #11
If you're a crafter, or know crafters, it's been my personal experience that of level blue recipes (at least from armormech) tend to be superior to oranges filled with planetary comm mods. If you are a cybertech, or know cybertechs, or are rich enough to GTN shop every few levels, then you can probably get away with modifying shells to be better, but only slightly usually.

The real advantage to shell gear, is that you can customize your look. And keep it. Had a female sith sorcerer used to run around with a fun mix of various oranges to achieve a ****ty boho look. Current female smuggler is rocking a classy combination of formal top, hidden head piece, slave girl gloves, some brown pants, and i forget what boots but they look pretty nice... and the social 2 pilots belt i think, or the social 3, it's the one that isn't too gaudy but has the two balls on the back of it. Either way, you get the point... container gear allows you to customize whatever look you want for your character, and keep it up to par with modifications.